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Whilst wandering round traders city at Silverstone I found a complete windscreen assembly for an MG NA it looked in very poor condition but after spending a week cleaning it and putting it on the car with a new wiper assembly and wiper motor it looks quite good. This is probably the first time for 50 plus years that the car has had a windscreen.  

I am retired and spend a lot of my time on MG cars and on motorsport (mainly sprints, hill climbs and track days).  I also marshal. My wife Barbara and I have 6 MG's which is mainly what this site is about. I have owned MG's since 1967.

When we moved into our present home there was room for 4 cars in the garage.  There are now so many spare parts in the garage that there is only room for 3 cars.  I have therefore decided to tidy the garage and get rid of the spares I don't need.

I maintain this web site as a hobby it has no commercial purpose.  Most of the photos were taken by me or Barbara (My Wife).

In 1965 or there about's I put my car into a garage "to rectify bad starting" as I was working and could not get to the garage before it closed I arranged for them to leave the car on their  fore court with the keys hidden in a safe place ( the ignition switch!). I could not start the car and thus had to repair it myself. This made me decide that I would for the future do all my own repairs. Now that I am in my early seventies my appetite for crawling under cars has very much reduced and i am helped by a friend one daya week and then go to lunch.

The NA in the paddock at the 2002 Eelmore Sprint Royale.

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